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University Officer Training

University Officer Training presents London's university students with a unique opportunity to challenge themselves by partaking in military exercises, adventurous training, community projects and expeditions both in the UK and overseas.

Each Service is represented by its own university organisation. Recruitment takes place once a year in early October – visit the stands at Freshers Fairs. Membership is open to undergraduates who meet certain admission criteria and will usually last at least two academic years or however long the degree course takes to complete.

Training for all three Services is based on Regular Officer Training. Pay is at the standard service rate, with a tax-free bounty paid on the completion of each full year’s training. 

Each service offers broad military experience, adventurous training opportunities and a fantastic social life.

The University Royal Naval Unit (URNU) is based at HMS PRESIDENT near Tower Bridge.  

The University of London Officer Training Corps (ULOTC) is based near Russell Square.

The University of London Air Squadron (ULAS) is located at RAF Northolt. 

At a glance:

  • Leadership training for university students
  • Pay is at the standard service rate with an tax-free annual bonus
  • Wide variety of adventure training and sport
  • Great social life
  • British or Commonwealth citizen
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