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Managing Employer Relationships

Businesses have an important role in supporting the armed forces community as employers of Reservists, people leaving the services, and relatives of serving personnel. The GL RFCA works to establish and maintain strong relationships with employers to ensure they can realise the benefits of access to this skilled and highly motivated pool of employees.

We offer advice and support about employing members of the armed forces community and enable organisations to develop a mutually beneficial working relationship with the Ministry of Defence (MOD).

Whether your company already employ Reservists, is looking to employ skilled people leaving the Services, or simply wants to demonstrate its open and supportive approach to the armed forces community, we are here to help.

At every stage of a Reservist’s career, there are obligations for both Reservists and employers. It’s important to be aware of these as some are governed by law. Find out more about your legal rights and responsibilities as an employer or reservist.


The MOD Employer Recognition Scheme was launched by the Prime Minister as part of the commitment to celebrate and reward the levels of support shown by UK employers towards Defence personnel, including Reservists, Armed Forces Veterans and their families, and Cadets. The scheme includes Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards for organisations demonstrating varying levels of support and alignment of their values with the Armed Forces Covenant. You can find out whether your organisation is eligible for an ERS award by visiting  Employer Recognition Scheme (ERS)

If you would like to register your organisation's support for the Volunteer Reserve Forces and receive an ERS award in recognition, please call 020 7384 4678.


Each year we organise events for employers that are designed to brief them on a particular subject or thank them for their support. Events are free for employers to attend and open to anyone. Previous events to which London employers have been invited include visits to:

  • HMS DEFENDER – warship visiting London
  • Army Presentation Team events
  • Military competitions involving London units
  • RAF Northolt
  • Windsor Castle Royal Tattoo
  • Receptions with politicians and senior military personnel
  • Royal Gun Salutes

If you employ Reservists and would like the opportunity to attend an event or a UK briefing day to learn more about the Volunteer Reserve Forces and the ways in which we can help employers of Reservists, please contact our team, details below. 

CONTACTING Employer Engagement

You can access our support by contacting the Regional Employer Engagement team: 

Kusum Pujara
Greater London RFCA

020 7384 4678

Fulham House 
87 Fulham High Street 

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