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All Cadet units share common ground in being youth organisations with training designed to promote teamwork, reliability and leadership with the goal of good citizenship. This is achieved through friendship, adventure and fun.

There are over 14,000 cadets across London; from the Sea Cadet Corps, the Army Cadet Force, the Air Training Corps and the Combined Cadet Force. GLRFCA provides both financial and logistical support as well as assistance and encouragement in recruiting both cadets and Adult Instructors.

We also provide support to You London, a partnership of 10 of the most established youth organisations in the capital working together to increase opportunities for all young people to access positive activities.

School Cadet Expansion Scheme

Launched by the Prime Minister in 2012 the School Cadet Expansion Scheme aims to grow the number of cadet units in schools across the UK to 500 by 2020.
More than 100 state schools have already laucnhed new cadet units, expanding the opportunity to join the cadets to a ever widening range of young people.

The GLRFCA has appointed a Schools Cadet Expansion Officer to help schools who are thinking about opening a cadet unit. They can offer advice about the type of unit that might be most suitable for the schools circumstances and assist them throught the process of establishing a unit.

Schools can register their intetrest in opening a cadet unit at the Department for Education website.


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