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To mark the 75th Anniversary of D-Day 7 Rifles took part in a "Run to Pegasus Bridge” for the Veterans Charity. 


They started on their arduous journey on 4 June from Tarrant Rushton Airfield Dorset at 18:00. There were around 100 runners including Reserves, Regularss, Veterans, civilians and family members.

The 7 Rifles Team included:

Capt Rick Fletcher

Sjt Paul Holmes

Sgt Donna White

Cpl Dave Phillips

Rfn Tom Russell

Pte Jamie Luesley

Pte Racheal Cheetham

Sgt Donna White;

Set off by General Sir Robert Pascoe and Normandy veteran Reg Charles of Oxf +Bucs, we ran through the night through Dorset, New Forest, Southampton and Portsmouth. We stopped at 33 mile point for 45 mins to have some refreshments including bacon rolls, pizza and coffee- all kindly provided by volunteers at the community centre.

Throughout the run we were supported by an amazing medical team and a support team who marshalled the route and water stops! On the 5th June and 62 miles later, we arrived at Portsmouth. After having a much needed rest at the local leisure centre we then caught the ferry on a night crossing. Arriving at 0645hrs on 6th June we got to Ouistreham next to Sword beach, the exact time and place that those thousands of men landed 75 years previous.

After disembarking from the ferry we set off along Caen Canel tow path for Pegasus Bridge! Wearing our personalised ‘Run to Pegasus’ T-Shirts with pride, we ran together towards the bridge! As we drew nearer to the Bridge, we had Regular Rifles Battalion form honour guard and were marched onto the bridge by Ringwood Pipe band.

The bridge itself was packed full of people cheering and encouraging us forward to the iconic bridge. Finally, for the last 10 miles of our run we were transported out to River Dives, one of the bridges where no 4 Glider of the coup de main assault group had landed 6th June 1944.

10 miles later, having ran, walked and marched we made our way back to Pegasus Bridge finishing at 1730 on 6th June, having completed a gruelling 75 miles! To complete this journey over two days was completely epic!

After enduring a lot of pain and exhaustion, every single one of the runners helped one another through strength and encouragement to become military champions overnight!

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