The Reserve Forces' and Cadets' Association for Greater London

All Party Parliamentary Group for Reserves and Cadets

The All-Party Reserve Forces Group was established in June 2006, bringing together some sixty parliamentarians from five political parties, with two declared aims.  These are: to promote interest in the UK reserve forces at a time of unprecedented peacetime overstretch; and to introduce some new thinking about them - looking back to the lessons of history, outward at best practice abroad and forward to the opportunities offered by new technology and practices.
Like all all-party Parliamentrary groups, the All Party Parliamentary Group for Reserve Forces is open to all Parliamentarians from both Houses, not appointed by resolution of either House like a select committee. Each report was prepared by the sub-group listed in the report.  The views expressed are theirs alone, although many other members of the group contributed to the meetings and deliberations of the group.
Please feel free to read the reports online or to download them to read at your leisure.

APPG Reports

Recognising the Opportunity - Part 1   The Territorial Army

Recognising the Opportunity - Part 2   The Maritime and Air Reserves and Tri-Service Recommendations

Minutes of APPG meetings

MOD response to the 2016/17 External Scrutiny Team Report - 21 November 2017

Inaugural meeting of the APPG for 2017-22 parliament - 6 September 2017

Annual General Meeting followed by Sustaining Future Reserves 2020 - 5 July 2016

Future Reserves 2020 update - 2 March 2016

Youth and Cadets - 4 Nov 2015

Annual General Meeting (AGM)  - 15 June 2015

Cadets update  - 16 December 2014

Employer Engagement in Future Force 2020  - 8 July 2014

Maritime Reserves  -  6 May 2014

Progress on Army 2020  - 18 March 2014

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