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Naval Reserves remember fallen comrades

September 1976, the ton-class minesweeper, HMS Fittleton, was participating in a major NATO exercise, with the majority of the crew members from the London Division of the Royal Naval Reserve. On 20 September 1976, the ship was ordered to take part in a mail transfer with the frigate, HMS Mermaid. No one was aware of how the different21/Sep/2016Read more here...

Army Reserves deploy to Italy on Excercise Roman Star

Approximately 100 men and women from 151 Regiment Royal Logistic Corps are preparing to deploy to Italy for 2 weeks on Exercise Roman Star. The soldiers will be based at Caserma Pasquali in L'Aquila, centred in the Abbruzzo Region of Italy and will use Mount Stabiata Training Area nearby. The Regiment will be supported by one of its12/Sep/2016Read more here...

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