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New Royal Marines Cadet Unit opens in Tooting

One of the Royal Navy’s most senior Admirals gave a newly formed Royal Marines Combined Cadet Force section the official seal of approval at Ernest Bevin College in Tooting, South London.  Vice Admiral Jonathon Woodcock OBE, Second Sea Lord and Deputy Chief of the Naval Staff took time out from his busy schedule in Portsmouth to20/Apr/2017Read more here...

New Cadet Force Adult Volunteer website launched

Every week thousands of young people in London turn up full of anticipation for the evenings events at their cadet unit, learning new skills and, most importantly, self-discipline and self-belief. They attend more than 200 Sea Cadet Corps, Army Cadet Detachments, and RAF Cadet Squadrons based right across the capital, each one dependent on05/Apr/2017Read more here...

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