RAF Reserves

The RAF Reserves support the RAF both in times of peace and war.

There is one Squadron in London – 600 (City of London) Squadron Royal Auxiliary Air Force based at RAF Northolt near Ruislip. Its role is to provide trained personnel to work in RAF and joint headquarters worldwide. The Squadron has four Flights: Administration, Communications, Intelligence and Operations.

Who can join?

To join the RAF Reserves you need to be between 18 and 50, although those up to 55 years may be considered if they have previous service. You must be a citizen of the United Kingdom, Commonwealth or Republic of Ireland and should normally have lived in the UK for at least five years.

What is the commitment?

600 Squadron trains for one weekend a month with an additional 2-week annual training camp - often abroad. You should be willing and able to commit to a total of 27 days per year (although some Reservists undertake many more days’ annual training).

What is the reward?

You will be paid a similar daily rate of pay as the Regular RAF for all training plus travel expenses and receive an annual tax-free bounty (£405 in the first year, rising to £1,596 after 5 years) if you complete the requisite number of training days per year.

The RAF Reserves have a well-earned reputation for retaining their volunteers, due in part to the satisfaction that is derived from doing varied and exciting jobs and part from the fact that there is an active social life which Squadron members enjoy. There is also plenty of opportunity for adventure training which can include activities such as skiing, canoeing, mountain climbing and many more.

 Picture of 600 Squadron participating in the Lord Mayor's Show

Picture of RAF Reserves skiing

Picture of Helicopters